Клуб «Заварка»

для детей-билингвов

"Zawarka" Club

Space for bilingual children

About Us

The Zawarka Club is a space for bilingual children whose second language is Russian. It is a place where our children can learn languages, develop their skills, and maintain communication with peers.

We have been working since 2016, and more than 350 families from a wide variety of backgrounds have participated in our club's programs. They were from the countries of the former CIS, representatives of various professions.

Our club brings together everyone - those who are in Warsaw temporarily or permanently. Here parents and children find a comfortable, friendly environment for education.

A child who finds himself or herself in a new, unfamiliar language environment feels different from the others. It is important to support him or her, to show the possibilities and prospects of learning a new language in a safe environment of peers from the native community.

It is important to help the child accept his/her multiculturalism, and to build communication with peers from a position of equality.


Our approach

Being fluent in several languages is always a plus: for future career, intellectual development and outlook. We try to give our students maximum opportunities for self-realization.

Children who have grown up in a multilingual environment learn other foreign languages more easily in the future and are more open to any new knowledge and experience.

Learning several languages stimulates the development of thinking in children. And thanks to constant lessons they make fewer mistakes in speech, do not get confused with words and sentence structures.

The brain of a bilingual child, with proper training, switches between languages more quickly and easily. That is why it is important to support education.

How to help us​​

The "Zawarka" club strongly protests the military actions in Ukraine and expresses support to all those who have been forced to leave their homes.

Join us in helping children and families adapt to Polish society while maintaining their language and cultural identity.

We stand for peace!

You can support our activities and make a donation to our bank account

EUR Account

PL15 1160 2202 0000 0003 1641 4825

USD Account

PL95 1160 2202 0000 0002 9748 8976

PLN Account

PL76 1160 2202 0000 0002 9638 1869


Bank: Bank Millennium, 2A Stanisława Żaryna str., 02-593 Warsaw Poland

Name and address of the payee:

Fundacja WOT, ul. Jaworzyńska 4 lok.2, 00-634 Warsaw, Poland

Purpose of payment:

Contribution for statutory activities


Our instructors









Polina Perova


Graduated from art college and university of culture. She conducted master classes in pottery and molding. She has been accompanying children and adults on their creative journey for more than 10 years!

Основатели клуба

Мария Хармаст

Мария Хармаст

Переводчик польского, английского и испанского языков, социолог. Выпускница РГГУ в Москве, Института философии и социологии Польской Академии Наук, а также переводческих факультетов Варшавского и Варминско-мазурского университетов.

Мама 18-летней дочки-билингва, живет в Польше более 20 лет.

Feedback from parents

A good place for children, conveniently located in the center, close to the subway. My daughters have been going to Zavarka on Saturdays for 3 years, they're all very satisfied. At home we speak Polish, and in "Zavarka" they have an opportunity not only to study but also to communicate and play with their peers in Russian.

Alexandra Slonets

Wonderful club, wonderful people! My older son went to summer camp, and the younger son studied with Anastasia, both are very happy! Now the older one is looking forward to the classes.

Varvara Magomedova

Our favorite place to meet on Saturdays and beyond! At Zavarka, lessons are play-based, with a welcoming, attentive atmosphere. Despite the varying speeds at which children do their assignments, the teachers provide a form of teaching that the children are not bored, do not worry, and the class is interesting and dynamic. We are very satisfied!

Anna Kolesnikova

Club contacts

Our Partners:

MSZ, Ośrodek Karta, Uniwersytet Warszawski, Centrum Łowicka, Wolski Dom Kultury, Ashoka, CPRDiP, Miasto Stołeczne Warszawa, Miasto Gdańsk.​